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Over 130 years ago, Mr Hayes & Mr Finch set up a family business in Old Leeds Street, Liverpool, to supply candles and silver plate – primarily to the Church. Before long, they found their market was not limited to the Church, as the high quality of their goods became known to wealthy city folk residing in the large, affluent houses which lined the streets of the prosperous city. It was not long before quality candles and bespoke items of silverware, provided by Hayes & Finch, adorned the most gracious dining and drawing rooms of Liverpool.

The provision of silverware led to the company’s need to offer a renovation service, which, in its beginnings, addressed simple tasks such as the removal of a dint from a chalice – usually a result of being dropped by an altar boy – or re-plating a gallery tray that had become tarnished and was therefore deemed too unsightly to remain on view in the dining room of a merchant’s house.

Now, over 130 years on, while maintaining its core business of supplying the Church, Hayes & Finch has become a leading specialist in the renovation of silverware and brassware, and has become especially well known for its work with antique chandeliers and candelabra.

The Hayes & Finch silversmiths’ workshop is staffed by a highly skilled work force with state-of-the-art facilities and machinery at their disposal, enabling them to polish, plate, engrave and lacquer items of all types and sizes. They routinely manufacture bespoke items from design to finished product, and renovate the most ravaged, tattered artefacts, returning them to their former glory.

Whether renovating a silver spoon, a gold chalice, or a 20-branch chandelier, Hayes & Finch guarantee a top-quality, professional – and personal – service.

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