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About us

Hayes & Finch are experts in reversing the signs of ageing of precious or sentimental heirlooms and artefacts and restoring them to their former glory for the benefit of future generations.

Our unrivalled reputation for renovating and repairing chandeliers has been built on recommendation, and has given the company the privilege of working on some of the finest chandeliers in the country. Our time-served craftsmen are specialists in the art of chandelier renovation and repair, and guarantee quality workmanship of the highest standard, regardless of the size of project being undertaken.

No project is too large or too small. On receipt, each brass chandelier is inspected, photographed, and an itinerary of work is logged. Each section of the chandelier is numbered and recorded before being disassembled  in readiness for the restoration work to begin.

Bent and broken branches are repaired, replaced or replicated as required, and all tarnish, residue and other debris is removed through a series of complex cleaning processes, taking several hours for each section. Each individual piece is painstakingly polished, using a series of operations to achieve a high-lustre finish. Finally, the sections are carefully re-assembled, and the chandelier is hung and re-aligned to ensure perfect balance.

Expert chandelier renovation is a highly specialised process, and Hayes & Finch takes no short-cuts.  Suffice to say, the refurbished chandelier will have a greatly enhanced value, appearance and significance within its environment.

For a quotation without any obligation, please contact Hayes & Finch on 0845 450 5592.

Refurbishment of brass plate
Engraved plates often have great historical significance, and their preservation is of great importance to our heritage.

Hayes & Finch is one of the few specialists with the ability to restore ancient brass plates with the necessary consideration and attention to detail.

Skilled craftsmen use a combination of expert processes including polishing, painting of key features and antique wax-filling techniques to restore commemorative plates. The company’s facilities include an in-house modern woodmill, so wooden back-plates can also be fully refurbished or renewed without problem.

In addition to restoration and refurbishment, Hayes & Finch can also supply new commemorative plates, bespoke in design and engraved to specification.

For additional information regarding this service please contact Hayes & Finch on 0845 450 5592.

Refurbishment of Wooden Furniture
Hayes & Finch have the advantage of their state-of-the-art woodmill, staffed by highly-trained carpenters and cabinetmakers who specialise in the art of refurbishing wooden items.

British Hallmark
Is an official mark, or series of marks, struck on items made of precious metals — platinum, gold, silver and, in some nations, palladium. In a more general sense, the term hallmark can also be used to refer to any distinguishing characteristic or trait.

Work, whether hallmarked or not, is always carried out to the high quality that has become the hallmark of Hayes & Finch.

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