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Renovation by Hayes & Finch

Masters in the art of Commercial Metal Restoration.

Restoring antiques that look as if they have been under the hammer!

Antiques and heirlooms form an important part of family history. While sometimes not highly valuable in monetary terms, their ownership embraces memories and stories with a higher value than money alone.

All too often, valuable and precious pieces are put away, discarded due to the poor condition into which they have fallen, making them unattractive to their owners, present and future.

Hayes & Finch specialise in renovating your precious heirlooms – from ornate Chandeliers to Commemorative Christening Spoons plus everything in between.

Our craftsmen skilfully reverse the signs of ageing, removing the ravages of time, smoothing away dents, creases and dimples, and restoring your precious treasures back to their former glory – to be enjoyed by future generations.

All renovation work is undertaken by traditionally-trained, highly skilled craftsmen, whose mission it is – to enhance the value and aesthetic appearance of the pieces over which they lovingly labour.

Makeover experts, restoring your valued pieces back to their former glory!

Hayes & Finch are renowned as craftsmen of great skill and integrity receiving commissions for projects from both private and public sectors, as well as the church market. Our enviable reputation as experts in the art of specialist refurbishment continues to grow with each and every challenging project undertaken.

Reversing the signs of ageing, removing fine lines and dimples!

Hayes & Finch have completed a vast array of renovation and restoration projects, varying from smaller items to large, sometimes uninsurable antiques. The company’s experts will assist with professional advice on renovation and preservation and happily supply no obligation quotations on request.

It is recommended that customers should take out an all-risk insurance policy covering valuable items, effective during the transportation and renovation period.

Regardless of size or value, each commission is treated with the utmost respect, from large, irreplaceable, uninsurable treasures forming part of our heritage, to small precious pieces of sentimental value.

Contact us today for a no obligation survey and quotation 0845 450 5592.